Leyla Marchetto

Meet The Locals by Jamie Bufalino - some of the original characters who make Montauk unique..

Leyla Marchetto


Leyla Marchetto knows how to make a grand entrance into Montauk. “My first trip here was in 1984 with my dad—we arrived on a seaplane,” says Marchetto, the daughter of Silvano Marchetto, the founder of the legendary New York City restaurant Da Silvano. 

In 2010, Leyla made another big splash when she and her husband, Franklin Ferguson, partnered with friends to open up Navy Beach—the chic eatery with expansive water views. 

Having grown up a city kid, it took a while for Marchetto to acclimate to her new flip-flop-centric existence. “I still have clothes in the garage I think I’m going to wear some day,” she says. “But now I can’t even wear heels anymore.” Although Marchetto—who has a 1-year-old son, Caelan—worries about claiming the “local” designation since she moved here full-time just six years ago, the work she’s put into Navy Beach has helped reassure her that she’s a full-fledged member of the community. 

“Opening Navy Beach was a DIY project,” she says. “A lot of the painting we did ourselves and we went to Becker's hardware like three times a day. A friend said to me, ‘If someone sees you at Becker’s in the middle of a winter weekday, then you’re a local.” And that still happens whenever I leave and come back."