Asa Gosman

“Gosman’s dock,” has practically been synonymous with Montauk for more than seventy years. In 1943, Robert Gosman, and his wife Mary, née Harrington, born in Ireland, took over the operation. Initially, it was a fish packing dock, general store, and fuel depot. Gosman’s restaurant started in 1953, when the couple bought the property. 

In 1963, the restaurant was handed over to the Gosman children. Today, third generation Asa Gosman runs the part of the business that deals specifically with buying, selling, and delivering fresh seafood. 

“The Gosman fish market is where I started working as a teenager in the early 90’s. I worked in the retail shop, and I’d fillet flounder in the processing plant.” Asa said. “I also drove the truck making deliveries to local businesses. I still do! We had about ten accounts back then, but these days we have hundreds.” Asa added. 

Asa, is energetic, has a warm smile, firm handshake, and is clearly passionate about his work. “There is a synergy to what we do; working closely with the fishermen, and guaranteeing the freshest product for our customers. Family businesses are kind of rare these days, and pretty much everything we do is self-taught, lots of trial and error.” Asa said with a laugh. “There are many variables when handling perishable produce. We deal with about thirty boats in the fleet out here, and I’ve known some of the fishermen since I was a kid. Strong relationships, and making sure everything we sell is fresh, in a small town like Montauk, is key. Its hard work, but we love it!”