Rick Gibbs of Rick's Crabby Cowboy Cafe

In a word, Rick's is “welcoming.” “When I first bought the place I had horses on the property so I figured seafood on the one hand, and horses on the other; and from that the Crabby Cowboy Cafe name was born.” Mr. Gibbs recalled.

Rick has a serious business-like air about him when speaking about the consistency and quality of the food he serves, but he is quick with a one-liner, and has a broad inviting smile. “I’m still amazed at the number of repeat customers we have who dined here as kids themselves, the restaurant has become generational over the past twenty years” Mr. Gibbs said. 

The menu is straightforward. Seafood and BBQ. “During the season we pride ourselves preparing the freshest seafood.” Asked where he learned how to make his signature barbeque sauce-Mr. Gibbs, without missing a beat, and deadpan-gaze said, “Prison.” “Seriously though-belting out a hearty laugh- I learned how to make the sauce from a guy I knew from Greensboro, North Carolina, and I haven’t changed a damn thing about it.” 

Throughout the summer fire-pits are set up by the restaurants marina for roasting marshmallows. “It’s the only dessert we have besides ice cream.” Mr. Gibbs mused. “But the kids love it, and it’s a great way for the adults to kick back after a meal staring up at the stars.” He added. 

“A lot of people out here have an agenda.” Mr. Gibbs quipped. “My agenda is to feed people.”