Kelly B

“Twenty years ago my husband and I moved here full time, we both had careers in Manhattan at the time, but the back-and-forth became too much, so we decided to build a full-time residence here in Montauk.” Ms. Bogetti said. 

Describing her boutique Kelly B. as having something for every woman, her other store Coco Sez offers stylish apparel for plus sizes. “I like classic styles that are timeless” Mrs. Bogetti said. “I want the clothes I buy to tell a story, something for a Mom, or something for her daughter, or that “fun” Aunt. I go with a mix of different designers to flesh out the selection.” Ms. Bogetti added. 

In the off season—January-March— the boutiques are closed. “I’m not here, but the boutiques are open by appointment-only during those months. We get groups of women who come out for a spa weekend in the winter, so they have a private boutique shop experience all to themselves.” Ms. Bogetti explained. 

During the winter months Ms. Bogetti, heads out to fashion trade shows across the country to purchase her next line for the coming summer season. “I can’t wait for January.” Mrs. Bogetti said enthusiastically. “Even though I keep notes, and photos of all of the clothes I purchase-at the trade shows- whenever the UPS guy pulls up in the spring, it’s like an ice cream truck, and like a kid I go “He’s here! He’s here!” Ms. Bogetti, said with a glowing laugh. 

“My boutiques are small, and on a recent busy day the Fire Marshall swung by and said, “Looks like you’ll be the next to get a ticket for overcrowding.” He was kidding of course, but I took that as a compliment! I love compliments, even when it comes from the Fire Marshall!” 

Kelly may look familiar—her previous career, before moving to Montauk, was on TV. She played Brad on the hit show Hey Dude.