Joe Della

 “When I first started out I was writing arrangements, and played piano and keyboards as a studio musician, in New York.” Mr. Delia said. “After that I studied composition, and started doing scores for film and television; that’s been the bulk of my music career.” 

In the 1980’s Mr. Delia began working with Hollywood film director Abel Ferrara-King of New York, (Bad Lieutenant, and The Funeral),- which Mr. Delia scored. “Abel, had a place out in Hither Hills back then.” Mr. Delia said. “I came out for a visit, and I was immediately drawn to the place. I thought Montauk was great.” 

In the early 1990’s Mr. Delia began his collaboration with David Johansen, a founding member of 1970’s glam-punk band The New York Dolls, recording albums and touring with Mr. Johansen’s quirky lounge singer alter-ego act, Buster Poindexter.

“When I first got involved with the music scene out here I would head over to the Memory Motel to try and pick up a gig.” Mr. Delia recalled. “I found the music vibe here to be very inviting. I eventually married my wife PJ—who is from Montauk and settled down in the middle of town.” 

These days Joe Delia’s own band “The Thieves,” are a mainstay on the east end, playing original songs tapping into Blues and Rock & Roll influences. “We’re a rock band!” he said with a broad smile.

“I’ve started working with Abel again—who now lives in Rome—so my music career has come full circle.” Mr. Delia said. “Later this year I’m heading over to Europe to play gigs, and to attend a retrospective of Ferrara’s films at the Louvre, in Pairs. Music has been my path, and I’m very fortunate that it has lead me to Montauk.” Mr. Delia concluded.