Montauk Attractions - What to Do


The Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum is a “must do” stop on any visit to Montauk. Lovely Second House Museum sits at the entrance to town.

Parks and Trails

Montauk’s many parks offer miles of hiking trails, mountain biking paths, hidden ponds for kayaking, and vistas of sea and sky. Take Rover for a walk too, most parks are dog friendly, although some require leashing.

Several groups offer guided walks throughout the year. Information about our parks and guided hikes of Montauk's trails are conducted by the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society and the Nature Conservancy.

Water Sports

With water surrounding us on three sides anything you want to do on the water you can do here. Click here for more information on surfing, snorkeling and scuba, waterskiing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, paddleboarding, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, boating and jet skiing.

Land Sports

If you thought Montauk was only about water sports think again. One of the top public golf courses in the USA, the Montauk Downs, attracts golfers from around the country. We have two stables that offer horseback riding, public tennis courts, a skateboard park, and sponsor four triathlons each year.


Montauk’s wide ocean beaches rank among the top in the country. Great rolling breakers move in on miles of white gleaming sand. No boardwalks or development here, it’s all natural In some places low rolling dunes rim the beach, in others high cliffs. Montauk is known for its spectacular 70-foot high bluffs, which stretch all the way to the point. On the north side of Montauk the protected waters of Block Island Sound are much gentler than the ocean. Here the beaches can be rocky or sandy and provide the best beachcombing treasures. 


With the largest fishing fleet in New York, Montauk Harbor is the place to go for an inshore trip or a day-long offshore trip to the canyons for those big game fish.

Cruises and Sails

Visit the surrounding towns, or take a ferry to Block Island in the summer. Take a trip to the vineyards on the North and South forks. Montauk offers easy access to neighboring villages and islands. Find things to do with the kids.


After a long day at the beach, shake off that sand and get ready for Montauk’s legendary nightlife!

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